The ISV Journey to the Cloud

Are you facing increased demand for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)? Have you thought about moving to the cloud but been put off by complexity? Many software companies are still on the defensive, wondering how to make the cloud work for them.

What if you could turn the tables and make your software a force that creates solutions and guides your customers into the future?

Now you can.

HP’s open and secure cloud solutions drive breakthrough innovation, enhance productivity and foster growth. You can benefit from outstanding infrastructure, services, security, and support, all delivered locally through an extensive partner ecosystem, to ensure legislative compliance.

Open up new markets, make your software more accessible and affordable, and bring your offers to the cloud, in a simple, cost-effective way through the HP ISV2SaaS programme

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64% of companies prefer to use specialized Service Providers to deliver their cloud-based applications.
Source: "Hosting and Cloud Study 2014" 451 Group, Uptime Institute, Yankee Group

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Many European Companies are using Cloud Services that do not meet EU data residency requirements:
74.3% of Cloud Service should not hold EU data
81% of IT managers are not aware of EU General Data Protection Regulation.
Source: Cloud Adoption & Risk In Europe Report – Q3 2014

"With HP Helion at the center of our model, we can deploy a new platform
in four minutes. Since we want to roll this out to the world, that’s an
astronomical savings to us."

– Johan Wilén, Chief Sales Officer, Lequa

Join the HP AllianceOne Partner Programme

The HP AllianceOne Partner Programme is a worldwide arrangement for ISVs and partners who develop market-leading solutions running on key HP technologies and platforms. Speed up development time and get help going to market with the HP network of PartnerOne service providers. This comprehensive, integrated programme provides everything you need to have a successful, collaborative relationship with HP. When you join the HP AllianceOne Partner Programme you gain access to a framework of technical, marketing, sales, and collaboration resources to help you develop new competencies, optimise your business potential, and achieve greater growth and profit.

Why HP and its partners

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PartnerOne Service Providers

Whether you want to deliver you application "as-a-service" yourself or through a provider, you can leverage the power of an HP PartnerOne Service Provider. From co-location to managed services, our partners can handle the needs of any business from the smallest of startups, to the largest of enterprises with professional IaaS, Paas and Saas-powerfully and reliably backed by HP.

Leading service providers around the world are teaming with HP to deliver hosting, managed, and cloud-based services that meet your most stringent business needs.

Together, HP and PartnerOne Service Providers offer you unparalleled choices to securely to manage your business securely and cost-effectively, and to

  • •     Provide improved asset protection
  • •     Enable better business agility
  • •     Optimise operating efficiency