Cerner drives systemic improvement of healthcare delivery

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Cerner is transforming healthcare worldwide by optimizing healthcare processes for single-doctor practices to entire countries and for other health related industries such as medical devices and pharmaceutical. Cerner solutions are licensed by thousands of facilities worldwide.

For more than 25 years, HP has partnered with Cerner to deliver reliable high-quality solutions to the healthcare industry. We provide a tested, reliable converged medical infrastructure platform for healthcare providers running Cerner technology in their own data centers and for Cerner's Remote Hosting Operations (RHO) facilities globally.

  • Reduce error, discrepancy and waste for improvements in patient care
  • Proactively deliver information to physicians, nurses, lab technicians
  • Base healthcare decisions on the best clinical evidence
  • Coordinate healthcare across multiple systems
  • Deliver flexibility and innovation through cloud-based technologies

Cerner Millennium ®
Cerner Millennium® is a comprehensive suite of solutions that promotes personal and community health management by connecting consumers, clinicians and healthcare organizations into a streamlined, unified single care process. Cerner Millennium applications, running on HP platforms, are open, intelligent and scalable, allowing vital health information to be accessed and shared throughout the healthcare system.

Cerner Millennium applications run efficiently on a variety of networks, processors and operating systems. Contact your HP account representative to learn more.