Discover the power of UNIFIED FEA on HP systems

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Engineers, designers, researchers, and scientists use Abaqus to lower costs and reduce cycle times through the realistic simulation of all products, materials, and processes behaviors, including stress, impact, crush, fluid-structure interaction, and thermal dynamics.

Full value from user investments in Abaqus software and engineering manpower is achieved when job execution times are fast—enabling CAE engineers to run many detailed simulations quickly while new product design teams are ready to optimize product designs based on CAE analysis. HP computing solutions for Abaqus are used worldwide to deliver the highest performance possible today.

Each new release of Abaqus is improving the scalability of Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit jobs to take advantage of new advances in cluster computing. For example, by standardizing on HP-MPI for parallel execution of their solvers, SIMULIA is simplifying cluster computing for all Abaqus users—delivering job reliability and platform portability across operating systems and interconnects.

Why HP for Abaqus

  • HP Performance Leadership for Abaqus
  • SIMULIA/HP Technical Partnership for Optimization and Support
  • HP Scalable Computing Product Line Breadth and System Reliability
  • Customer Choice and Return-On-Investment with HP BladeSystem Clusters

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