Conquering the data explosion in health care IT

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GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care. Their expertise is helping clinicians around the world re-imagine new ways to predict, diagnose, inform and treat disease. Their vision for the future is to enable a new "early health" model of care focused on earlier diagnosis, pre-symptomatic disease detection and disease prevention.

Hewlett-Packard Company partners with GE Healthcare to provide a tested, reliable, low cost infrastructure to optimize performance and reliability to its end-users. HP Converged Infrastructure provides an excellent vehicle for end-user investment protection - with capabilities allowing the health delivery organization to add only the necessary and appropriate 'hardware capacity' in response to growth in demand.

GE Healthcare is a leading solution provider for:

  • medical imaging
  • health care information technologies
  • medical diagnostics
  • patient monitoring systems
  • performance improvement
  • drug discovery
  • biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies

Leadership health care solutions on HP's market leading Converged Infrastructure
GE Centricity EMR - Ambulatory Information System
GE Centricity EMR ensures that patient records are available whenever and wherever they are needed. And because guaranteed availability is vital, combining this capability with the solid reliability of HP NonStop provides the uptime assurance health care professionals rely on.

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GE Centricity Enterprise - Clinical, Financial & Administrative Solution
Providing quality care is only one challenge facing health care organizations today. Equally important is meeting the administrative needs that accompany maintaining patient records, tracking clinical activities, and managing finances. Coupling GE Centricity with HP NonStop servers provides a comprehensive administrative application running on a reliable infrastructure, giving health care administrators a system they can count on.

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GE Centricity PACs - Clinical Imaging
Get access to imaging data when and where it is needed, providing a better and more responsive patient experience. And deploying GE Centricity PACS on HP hardware provides the best performance at reduced cost, and gives you the flexibility to meet tomorrow's needs as well as today's.

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GE Centricity Practice Solution - An IT solution for Physicians' Practices
Tap the wealth of information that resides within your organization to gain the business insights you need it improve performance, control costs and increase quality of care. HP provides the best platform for GE Centricity Practice solutions, to provide the performance and reliability that will allow you to deploy with confidence.

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