Focused on managing and protecting enterprise data

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iTernity is one of the leading enterprise software companies exclusively focused on managing and protecting enterprise data and compliance relevant information, enabling customers of all sizes to realize a future proof and hardware independent "Enterprise Archive", where information can be accessed and migrated freely without hardware boundaries. iTernity customers gain a competitive edge by securing business continuity and data integrity for long term relevant information in a most flexible and cost efficient way.

Together, HP and iTernity deliver unmatched price/performance in data management, archiving and protection solutions for crucial enterprise data. iTernity is AllianceOne Partner of the Year 2014 in the HP Storage category and delivers the lowest TCO for legally compliant archiving solutions.

For many years, HP and iTernity have worked together to design and deliver advanced archiving and data protection solutions to organizations like yours. Our complementary technologies and strategies work together to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for enterprises.

  • Ensure regulatory compliance and integrity of records
  • Maximize flexibility so you can adapt as business needs change
  • Increase security with constant integrity checks of important information
  • Drive down cost


iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS) is an enterprise archive and data protection software solution that helps organizations store data flexibly and securely. Built upon industry standards and Windows platforms and supporting SAN and NAS storage devices iCAS offers the adaptability todays IT departments need.

A huge installed base of highly satisfied iTernity customers benefits from regulatory compliance solutions that can mitigate risk, simplify data management, and improve overall business success. iCAS is the proven solution in healthcare, finance and compliance-driven markets and is certified for over 80 leading business applications (ECM, ERP, E-Mail, PACS etc.) iCAS complements these applications and disk based storage platforms with compliant archiving and data management features.

iTernity solutions are available through a wide network of partners. Customers worldwide, from small businesses to huge international enterprises, entrust their data to iTernity solutions. iTernity maintains headquarters in Freiburg, Germany with offices throughout Europe and in North America.