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Why Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Microsoft

HPE and Microsoft have worked together for over 30 years to combine our respective strengths and deliver innovative technologies, services, and support that help you transform your business. Our partnership reflects the power and purpose of our deep-rooted relationship and it is a testament of our commitment as industry leaders to share our respective knowledge and experience toward a singular goal: to put the strength of our world-class people, processes, and technology into your hands so you can innovate, adapt, and unleash new business value.

Most comprehensive

  • Full suite of services and offerings spanning the breadth of and specifically aligned to Microsoft technologies
  • Vast 135-country global reach
  • Service desk in 43 languages

Unmatched Microsoft expertise

  • 48,000 Microsoft-trained professionals
  • Joint engineering of software + hardware optimized for MSFT technologies & hybrid infrastructures

Lowest risk

  • 30 year Microsoft partnership, deep collaboration, significant multi-year mutual investments
  • Recognized services and security leader: #2 outsourcer, #1 in discovering vulnerabilities

HPE Microsoft Azure Stack

Run Azure services on premises, for yourself or clients, with an integrated Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud incorporating compute, storage, and networking.

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack

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Azure Stack Innovation Center

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Delivering innovative technologies to help advance your business

Today's business climate demands that you be on the forefront of innovation and growth. With increased competition, rapid technology evolution and expanding global markets, you need technology solutions that:

  • Capitalize on rather than simply adapt to changing customer and employee expectations.
  • Help you accomplish more by connecting with the right people in the most efficient ways.
  • Speed business advantage by extending the power of information to everyone.
  • Provide an agile IT environment to deliver services faster, with higher success ratios.
  • Enable a high–performance workforce by delivering seamless, secure data access for employees – anytime, anywhere, any device.

HPE-Microsoft Solutions

With an eye to increasing flexibility and reducing costs, today’s enterprises are rapidly transforming their IT environments into a hybrid cloud model. Hewlett Packard Enterprise helps our customers determine the right mix of public, private, and managed cloud services to achieve their business goals. HPE, the industry’s leading provider of cloud hardware and Microsoft, the fastest-growing cloud provider, are working together to deliver hybrid cloud innovations that give your IT the flexibility you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Two industry leaders join forces to offer unique capabilities

Organizations of all sizes across many industries are adopting cloud computing to help them quickly react to changing business conditions, and pursue new business opportunities. Business and IT leaders want faster and more cost– effective ways to deliver IT services, develop new applications, provide secure services, protect sensitive data, and ensure that services meet their business needs without requiring large upfront capital expenditures. Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s hybrid cloud solutions address every one of these requirements.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud capabilities that no other vendors can offer. HPE’s Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud is the only solution that provides the following functionality.

  • Analytics-driven, automated operations management through a single pane of glass for Azure public cloud, Azure Stack hybrid cloud and traditional IT
  • Unified security information and event management for Azure public cloud services, Azure Stack hybrid cloud services and traditional IT with a single security management tool suite
  • Data-centric security protection for data traveling into and throughout the Azure public cloud, Azure hybrid cloud and traditional IT
  • Pay as you go pricing with unified billing for Azure public cloud, Azure hybrid cloud and traditional IT
  • Available on the world’s best-selling server

Deep 30–year partnership

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft formed a strong partnership 30 years ago. In 2015, HPE and Microsoft extended this partnership to help our joint customers transform to a hybrid cloud IT infrastructure. Our partnership helps customers optimize their IT environments, leverage new consumption models, and accelerate their businesses – by providing jointly developed solutions and services to implement hybrid IT environments. Key initiatives and achievements of our partnership include the following:

  • HP Enterprise is a preferred provider of infrastructure and services for Microsoft’s hybrid cloud offerings
  • Microsoft Azure serves as a preferred public cloud provider for HPE
  • Microsoft has joined the HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Program
  • HPE is providing 4,000 Azure-trained sales and technical resources to drive joint hybrid cloud business initiatives going forward
  • HPE and Microsoft are creating HPE Azure centers of excellence, ensuring that customers have a trustworthy resource to help them deploy a seamless hybrid Azure cloud experience across their HPE infrastructure, software, and IT services they provide.

HPE Solutions for Azure

Together, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft provide complete end-to-end solutions, services, and support for Microsoft Azure workloads, including:

  • HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack – Maximize IT agility, simplify IT implementation and management, and reduce costs by delivering hybrid cloud services from your data center that are 100% compatible with Azure public cloud.
  • HPE Hyper Converged 250 for Microsoft Cloud Platform Systems – The Microsoft Azure® cloud-in-a-box solutions allows you to deploy a streamlined infrastructure that helps you reduce costs and deliver IT services faster. This solution provides instant compute, as well as shared storage cluster, for both applications and data services managed within the Microsoft System Center console.
  • Manage your Azure hybrid cloud with tools in HPE Operations Bridge that provide "operations through business lens." Sense, analyze, and adapt to your entire IT environment with automated features such as advanced event correlation and reduction, issue remediation, predictive analytics, and the powerful Business Value Dashboard.
  • HPE Helion Cloud Suite – Do you want to deliver and manage a full spectrum of traditional, open source, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments on your organization’s existing cloud platform? This advanced solution allows you to deploy agile cloud environments for both existing and cloud-native applications in Microsoft Azure, AWS, OpenStack, or VMWare clouds.
  • Secure sensitive data in your Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud with advanced data encryption, tokenization, and key management with HPE SecureData.
  • Protect your Microsoft Azure services with unified security information and event monitoring for Azure public cloud and Azure hybrid cloud, as well as traditional IT, with HPE Security ArcSight.
  • HPE Flexible Capacity offers you the financial flexibility of a public cloud for your on-premises IT. Reduce costs, and avoid large upfront capital expenses, with pay-as-you-go pricing that allows you to only pay for services consumed, with additional resources ready for use to enable quick scalability.
  • HPE Advisory and implementation consulting services for Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud provide you with expert guidance on security, workload migration, hybrid identity, backup and site recovery, and hybrid networking in addition to integrating Microsoft private cloud solutions.
  • Global, HPE enterprise–class support for both your Microsoft Azure public cloud and Azure hybrid cloud offers you the kind of support that helps you deliver secure, reliable services while enabling rapid business transformation.


  • Drive SQL on HPE Superdome X (SDx) systems for the most demanding Business Processing/Decision Support workloads.
  • Drive APS on CS 300 to scale adoption in FY16.

Superior Performance

  • HPE Integrity Superdome X #1 overall non-clustered performance @ 10000 GB scale factor; #1 SAP performance In-Memory OLTP
  • APS: 100x faster queries, 15x compression
  • SQL 2014 on DL580 World Record Holder SW performance with in-memory column store

Category Leadership

  • HPE Econstitutes 70% of Microsoft’s APS business – top strategic partner for SQL and APS
  • HPE in leader quadrant in Gartner MQ for Integrated Systems
  • HPE is #1 x86 server vendor worldwide

Priced for Innovation

  • 1/3 the price of competitive solutions for x86 servers. Leading MPP solution, integrated with software, for lowest price per TB
  • HPE Integrity Superdome X #1 overall price/ performance for 8-socket server


An initiative that aligns cloud productivity and mobility technologies from Microsoft with tightly aligned services and solutions from HPE to help enterprises accelerate business transformation.

Most Comprehensive

  • End to end lifecycle services with in-depth methodologies specific to MSFT cloud and Win10 technologies. 100% OPEX model available
  • 780 mobile app developers

Unmatched MSFT Expertise

  • Win10 app factory to quickly build apps with Azure components (clickable prototype within 5 days)
  • 15 years of Windows migration experience; Expedited Win10 transformation with Win10 self-service migration tools and proven methodologies
  • 6.5M Desktops under management and 810K mobile devices under management
  • 19M+ Microsoft Exchange Server and 1M+ Microsoft SharePoint Server seats deployed or under management
  • 5.5M Exchange mailboxes

Lowest Risk

  • A renowned security leader, HPE discovers and remediates 10 times as many vulnerabilities as any other organization in the world with security solutions across every layer of the mobile technology stack (device, app, platform, cloud, network)


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