Opsol and HP: Powering the next generation of payment systems

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Opsol provides a comprehensive solution for financial institutions to acquire, authenticate, route, switch, and authorize transactions across multiple input channels. Opsol guides customers through every stage of the payment project - from initial project scope, to architecture and design, to solution development, to on-going support.

HP NonStop servers are leveraged by Opsol to provide AL4 availability rating. AL4 defines true fault tolerance, enabling continuous data p;rocessing in the event of the failure one hardware or software component. Opsol Ominipayments running exclusively on HP NonStop systems is a proven payment solution that can support up to thousands of devices and transactions from all potential customer touch points.

Proven Payment Solution on HP Integrity NonStop Systems
The Opsol OmniPayments solution is an open, SOA, standards-based architecture that delivers reliable and scalable capabilities for today's payment industry. Powered by industry-leading HP NonStop systems, OmniPayments allows the transaction originator (acquirer) to initiate a payment, request and receive authorization for an action on a customer card or an account from a transaction authorizer (issuer). transaction is then routed between the originator and the authorizer. The HP and Opsol solution can handle both on-us and outside transaction.

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