Harness the cloud for savings that will impact your business

Opportunity, growth, and change are returning to the business world resulting in enormous pressure to deliver services more efficiently. That's bringing cloud computing into the spotlight, as a new model for IT where resources are shared and delivered dynamically. HP cloud-based solutions are built upon HP Converged Infrastructure — the ideal foundation for HP Converged Cloud, which offers a range of solutions to meet your needs. Whether your IT organization wants to virtualize part of their server and storage infrastructure for running SAP applications, or build its own private or public cloud for SAP applications, or purchase hosted SAP services directly from HP, we have a solution for you.

HP CloudSystem Solutions for SAP landscapes provide flexible, highly automated, fully virtualized cloud computing that helps you realize the competitive benefits of key SAP-enabled processes today.

With private cloud computing from HP

  • Transform IT into a flexible, enterprise-wide, shared pool of resources, resulting in greater performance at lower costs
  • Become the builder and broker of your own technology services
  • Reap the benefits of public cloud, without incurring the risk (security, availability, and control)
  • Provide SAP as an on-demand service