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Combining an easy-to-use dynamic interface and powerful in-memory technology, SAS Visual Analytics enable all types of users to visually explore big data, execute analytic correlations on billions of rows of data in minutes or seconds, gain insights into what the data means, and deliver the results quickly via web reports and mobile devices.

HP Converged Systems for SAS Visual Analytics are optimized for the in-memory analytics engine, scaling from 1 to 256+ HP ProLiant BL and DL Servers, delivering analytical results to Web browsers and mobile devices in seconds to minutes. These pre-approved configurations support deployments of non-distributed to highly distributed environments. Flexible SMP and MPP configurations that are sized to your workload, and are integrated by the HP factory closest to you, wherever you are worldwide, regardless of the organizational size. HP performs onsite installation, working with you to verify network connectivity before a SAS® consultant completes the final software setup. HP Financial Services offers financing for the total solution, both HP Converged Systems and SAS Visual Analytics software alike. This gridded solution enables the co-existence of data nodes with Cloudera®, and in the future, Vertica.

Together, HP and SAS:

  • Provide advanced, purpose-built IT products and services you need over the long term.
  • Offer a comprehensive, future-focused IT infrastructure that includes software, servers, services, management, and networking.
  • Design effective high-availability and data recovery strategies to keep your business protected—always.
  • Help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line through highly efficient infrastructure components that boost productivity while using less energy.
  • Provide solutions that scale up, down, and within, as well as provide capacity on-demand to meet your changing needs.

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