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The HPE Preferred Linux Partner and Leading Platform for SAP Applications.
Bringing together HPE Open technologies and SUSE OpenStack expertise to provide best-in-class, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud offerings for customers.

Key Collaboration

HPE and SUSE have enjoyed a +22-year strategic relationship of engineering and thought leadership. When you buy a license from HPE, you’ve got the power of both HPE and SUSE behind you, and all of the testing, wealth of knowledge, best practices, and backup that goes along with it. It’s more than a piece of paper, it’s a relationship that includes, support, training, engineering advice, and deep expertise.

Why HPE and SUSE for SAP?

  • The primary choice for SAP HANA installations around the world, including those for HPE and SUSE internally.
  • HPE has standardized on SAP HANA to provide real–time Big Data insights for SAP BW, BPC, GTS, and ERP.
  • HPE support +1.7M SAP user in more than 50 countries with hosting making up 45% of all SAP installations.
  • Watch SAP SLES 12 solution on HPE Servers

Did you know?

  • SUSE is the preferred HPE Open Source partner for Linux, OpenStack, and Cloud Foundry solutions.
  • SUSE Linux technology is embedded into every HPE ProLiant server for intelligent provisioning.
  • Enterprise Storage is HPE’s only certified, supported, and sold Ceph-based storage solution.

SUSE Linux Portfolio-at-a-Glance


Live Kernel Patching

Launching March 27th, Live Kernel Patching applies kernel fixes without interrupting service – there is need to reboot or interrupt your mission-critical workloads and in-memory databases, saving the cost of downtime and increasing service availability. Plus, the subscription provides access to fixes for any SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 maintenance Linux kernel released in the last 12 months.

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Case Studies


Orchard Park Police needed a storage solution to handle the large influx of data from body cameras. SUSE Enterprise Storage via Open Source and Object Storage met this need.

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SUSE Solutions

In today’s business world, change is constant and relentless. IT is central to an organization's ability to keep up with the competition and drive real, topline value. IT professionals need to give the business the power and flexibility to meet employee, partner, and customer demands right now, and be ready for what's next-whatever that might be.

Modernizing and standardizing IT with HPE infrastructure and SUSE Linux® Enterprise Server 12 provides long-term benefits that help reduce expenses, increase flexibility, and improve service levels.

  • HPE is number one in Linux revenue and units worldwide, and SUSE is a leading provider of Linux-based solutions for the enterprise.
  • SUSE is an HPE AllianceOnemember and a member of the HPE Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem; SUSE is also a part of the HPE Discovery Lab.
  • SUSE Linux technology is embedded in every HPE ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 server to accelerate server deployment.
  • HPE and SUSE work together to improve the Linux kernel, submitting more than 225 patches that improve RAS features with a goal of "zero unplanned downtime."

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SUSE Enterprise Storage, an intelligent software-defined storage management solution powered by Ceph, enables organizations to deliver highly scalable, resilient and cost-efficient storage that is able to seamlessly adapt to changing business and data demands.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is designed as a distributed storage cluster to provide unlimited scalability from tens of terabytes to petabytes.

Powered by Ceph means that SUSE Enterprise Storage is designed for Reliability with a Shared Nothing architecture. High availability means nodes can fail without losing data. You can start small and grow to Exabyte Scalability (18 GBs). And, Ceph lowers costs with functionality that is self-managing and self-healing, and it all runs on industry standard hardware.

Highly Available—SUSE Enterprise Storage is highly redundant and designed so there are no single points of failure, maximizing system resiliency and availability. Background data scrubbing continuously verifies data integrity. SUSE Enterprise Storage is self—healing when hardware failures do occur to minimize storage administration involvement and mitigate the effects of downtime. Optimized data placement enables rapid reconstruction of redundancy following hardware failure with minimized system performance impact.


The HPE ConvergedSystem 500 and 900 for SAP HANA, a portfolio of easy-to-order, easy–to–deploy, workload–optimized systems built for high performance, high availability, and unmatched scalability, enables real–time insight while reducing costs and response times. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the recommended operating system of choice for SAP HANA, and the collaboration between HPE, SUSE, and SAP provides a seamless support experience, including one-stop system–level support for HPE hardware, SUSE and SAP HANA software.

Hadoop was designed to provide fast, reliable analysis of both structured data and complex data at Internet scale. As a result, many enterprises deploy Hadoop alongside their existing IT systems, which allows them to combine old and new data sets in powerful new ways.

HPE and SUSE provide several performance–optimized configurations for deploying Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) clusters of varying sizes, providing a significant reduction in complexity and an increase in value and performance.


SAP HANA adoption is a journey. Some customers are interested in accelerating analytics/reporting with SAP HANA, while others want to run multiple SAP business applications. HPE has a solution configuration and adoption strategy that is ready to scale as your needs change:

  • Starting out-analytics and reporting For using SAP HANA primarily as a standalone application to enable fast access to real-time analytics or production systems
  • Expanding-Enterprise data warehouse (SAP Business Warehouse [BW])
  • Advanced-When mission-critical systems cannot tolerate downtime, scale-up configurations

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a critical component of the HPE offering for SAP S/4HANA. When you run SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP on HPE ProLiant servers, you gain a platform that is validated, fine-tuned, and certified for SAP software solutions-and tailored specifically for SAP workloads.


High-performance computing (HPC) SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for HPC compute nodes is a low-cost and scalable OS that helps you solve your most demanding computational and data-intensive problems using the HPE Apollo 4000, 6000, and 8000 Systems for HPC and supercomputing.


SAP® is replacing SAP R/3 and SAP Business Suite with SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (S/4HANA). While SAP S/4HANA will only run on the SAP HANA® platform, SAP will continue to support existing R/3 and SAP Business Suite customers for another 10 years. Even if SAP S/4HANA is not on the immediate radar, there are many compelling reasons to start considering modernizing your SAP infrastructure today:

  • It is much easier to move to S/4HANA when you're already running a modern version of SAP ERP
  • Effectively migrate applications from legacy UNIX® mainframe, and other operating environments, and prepare for SAP HANA and the cloud
  • Modernization not only extends the capabilities and boundaries that a platform can support, but also extends a platform's future use scenarios

Modernizing and standardizing your core SAP platform, along with applications and databases onto an HPE infrastructure with SUSE Linux® Enterprise Server, prepares you to adopt SAP HANA when the time comes.


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Common Challenges, Real Solutions

Explosive data growth is being fueled by Big Data, IoT, and Social Media

Unstructured data is changing storage

Open Source, software-based Object Storage

Unlimited scalability on HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant systems

No vendor lock-in and reuse legacy industry standard hardware

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Software-defined storage = block + Object Storage

80%-90% of all data is unstructured: texts, emails, images, photos, videos, M2M messaging

Using ALL of your data can make a difference to your business

Reduce storage costs, and protect data in view of its volatility and variety

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from HPE

SUSE software for ProLiant servers with HPE branded support provides businesses a dependable and highly available Linux operating environment for any supported version.

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SUSE Enterprise Storage powered by Ceph

Do you need to find a solution for lowering the cost of your scalable storage?

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