Why Partner?

82% of Global 100 companies trust their networks to HPE1. By partnering with HPE, you can help your customers boost reliability and productivity with the broadest software-defined networking portfolio in the industry. And by developing products that integrate with HPE Networking technology, you’ll attract a broader base of customers and put your business one step ahead of the competition.

HPE works with partners worldwide to inspire continuous innovation in networking technology. When you partner with us, you gain access to expertise in the latest network arrays, controllers, switches, software standards, and management tools. Our goal is to build simpler, unified networks that rely on open standards, software-defined networking, automation and more to support today’s demanding IT needs.


HPE Networking enables more than 58,000 companies to be more agile while decreasing total operating costs2. HPE Networking delivers simplicity with a unified, consistent, standards-based architecture that spans from the application to the user-in your data center or in the cloud. As a Technology Partner, you can gain valuable assistance in designing, validating, promoting, and deliver products that interoperate with the HPE Networking portfolio.

Product Integration

We assist you with exclusive tools, resources, and support to help you create offerings that capitalize on integrated networking for business advantage.

Resources for partners enable you to build products that integrate with:

  • Network services via the open-standards-based, service-rich HPE Virtual Application Networks, SDN Controller, and the market-leading portfolio of HPE OpenFlow switches.
  • Software-Defined Network (SDN) applications, which enable you to program your network to align with business needs.
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    Based on the 2014 Fortune Global 100.

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    Based on the 2014 Fortune Global 100.