Why Partner?

Changing market trends are driving new business opportunities for Technology Partners. For example, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is growing rapidly due to increasing customer demand. Between now and 2020, analysts forecast business applications such as ERP, supply chain management, and customer relationship management will experience a significant increase in SaaS delivery. According to Gartner, for those areas, on-premise business accounted for 93% of deals in 2000, but is expected to drop to only 16% in 2020.

We want to help you capitalize on these new opportunities. As a Technology Partner, you can leverage our knowledge and technologies as well as accelerate your go-to-market activities.


HPE Software focuses on helping organizations do four things well to survive and thrive in today’s economy: transform to a hybrid infrastructure, protect the digital enterprise, empower the data-driven organization, and enable workplace productivity. We deliver software that drives each of these goals-through streamlined and improved datacenter management, industry-leading security, cloud-based applications and services, and big data analytics.

Increasingly, our customers live in an era where the explosive growth in data volume and variety has become an overwhelming challenge. This changes everything for most organizations-and HPE Software gives them the power to transform massive amounts of information into actionable intelligence, so they can capitalize on new opportunities and solve real business challenges.

Product Integration

We work closely with our partners to help them integrate their products with HPE Software. HPE Software experts provide comprehensive information and assistance to guide you in developing products in three key software areas:

  • IT Management — for ISVs who want to build products on top of the HPE Enterprise Software IT Operations Management and Application Delivery Management portfolio.
  • Information Management — for ISVs who want to build products on top of the HPE Enterprise Software Information Management portfolio.
  • Big Data — for ISVs interested in building products that integrate with the HPE Big Data portfolio.
  • HPE Enterprise Security — for ISVs who want to build products on top of HPE ArcSight and Fortify.