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Build the Value of Your Brand on the Value of Ours
HPE has OEM in its genes. With 6 decades of experience we know what it takes to be a trusted partner. Check out our business, check out our credentials, check out us.

HPE products are present in every industry in the most demanding applications.

HPE Technologies for OEM Partners. Build your solutions based on the most complete infrastructure portfolio from a Tier-1 supplier.

Secure flexible supply by working with HPE's OEM distribution partners. We support you where you want to be.

Tap into our knowledge, expertise, innovation and world-class services to achieve better results for your enterprise. Access and apply technology in new ways to optimize your operations – with our leading services.

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
The Internet of Things offers new ways to engage customers, new business models and greater insights into existing processes. Now is the moment to capitalize on IoT.

With HPE’s people, you have a network of experts available to you and your customers as your trusted partners in:
  • Technical matters
  • Pre-sales
  • Support
  • Supply chain
  • Account management

  • With HPE’s OEM program, you can focus on your core business and deliver game-changing results
  • Focus resources on innovation
  • Increase your speed-to-market
  • Control operational costs, increase efficiency, and mitigate risk
  • Expand into new global markets
  • Drive lower total cost of ownership for you and your customers
  • Accelerate customer satisfaction
With HPE’s OEM program

With these capabilities

- Industry-leading infrastructure portfolio
- Multiple routes to market
- Virtual OEM services
- Long Life OEM product lifecycles
- Global supply chain network
- Customized integration
- Technology Services, including warranty extension and cross border service
- Dedicated OEM Help lines and Portal Assets
- GTM support
- Financial services
With HPE’s OEM program

You get these benefits:

- Reduce setup costs
- Maximum value from IT
- Streamline supply chain
- Managed TCO and reduce risk
- Improved time to revenue
- Collaborative GTM
- Fast time to market
- Confidence in long-term supply
- Proof of concept acceleration
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Build the Value of Your Brand on the Value of Ours

HPE helps OEMs be more competitive by reducing research and development (R&D), testing, support, and operations costs, while speeding your time-to-market with a complete portfolio of world-class solutions and support.