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Ideas are easy. Innovation is hard. Selecting the right solutions partner can be the difference between short-lived progress and long-lasting success.

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Vanguard partners with HPE OEM Solutions for evolving, long-term innovation

To realize its vision of making businesses around the world more secure, Vanguard Infrastructures needed the right IT partner for hardware and support. Company executives knew that their choice would be central to whether their startup faded or flourished. In Vanguard’s position, how would you go about picking the right IT partner? In your quest to change the world and capitalize on opportunities, who do you pick to stand at your side? Find out more in this video.

One vendor, one integrated solution

Take your innovation further with an HPE OEM integrated solution, spanning our robust portfolio of servers, storage, networking, and services.

How do you go to market?

We know every industry comes with its own unique challenges. Whether delivering lifesaving devices in New Delhi or transmitting live broadcasts around the globe from Chicago, HPE OEM Solutions and its product portfolio have you covered, offering flexible services, technology, and branding options that yield the meaningful results you and your end customers require.

You can tailor a solution to meet your needs by

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The 4S ecosystem advantage

Partnering with HPE OEM Solutions lets you expand your capabilities and extend your reach. Our world-class IT solutions, services, specialists, and supply chain create a powerful structure for growth. With HPE OEM Solutions at your side, you’ll accelerate new opportunities, rapidly adapting to meet the evolving demands of your customers.


HPE OEM solutions combine future-proof technology and decades of expertise to create long-life, custom, NEB-certified, and derivative products.

Supply Chain

We have unmatched resources and worldwide reach, including global manufacturing supporting in-region logistics, cable, image, rebrand, fixed FW, and more.


Our dedicated experts and engineers manage everything for end-to-end support, including global sales and technologists for deep visionary engagements.


Our global Pointnext service network helps partners achieve their business and technology objectives with 24 x 7 global presence, exclusive OEM technical support, and cross-border warranty entitlement.

OEM Portfolio

Expansive vision, minimal complexity

Regardless of scale or design, our technology solutions deliver value and performance benefits. Our integrated supply chain reduces logistical and fulfilment complexity in taking solutions to market.

Leading technology

The complete HPE portfolio is available to give you—and your end customers—a clear competitive advantage and investment predictability as your innovation and expectations advance.

Award-winning solutions

HPE OEM Solutions and services are recognized for excellence by analysts around the globe. Gartner, one of the world’s largest IT research firms, has an industry leader across multiple categories.





product family

Industry solutions

At any given moment, across scores of industries, you can see HPE OEM solutions in action. Guided by years of technical expertise and supported by cutting-edge technology, we empower OEMs to meet the needs of end users across most industry verticals. It’s a testament to the broad versatility of our portfolio and the focused insight of our HPE OEM partners.

The proof of our value is in the success of those partners, and case studies help demonstrate the benefits of partnering with HPE OEM Solutions. Below are a few of the industries where HPE OEM Solutions is helping accelerate innovation and success.


Vista scales business globally with HPE OEM and Avnet Embedded partnerships

Before becoming the leading CCTV provider in the UK, Vista needed a robust platform to launch and manage its innovative security solution. Partnering with HPE OEM Solutions let them protect sensitive environments and analyze data in real time.

Advanced technology applications

Intelligent Edge
Internet of Things
Hybrid cloud
ProLiant Gen10
Everything as a Service
Intelligent Edge

Insight at the Intelligent Edge

IoT is only the beginning. At the Intelligent Edge, where data is aggregated and analyzed near its collection point, networked devices have new ability and autonomy, shifting compute workloads away from the datacenter and toward the edge, where they can deliver high-value outcomes at blinding speed.

It’s a model with huge potential for companies across many industries. But it requires new architecture and new infrastructure—not to mention a major shift in expectations and understanding. HPE OEM connects partners to hardware such as HPE Converged Edge Systems, as well as the expertise of HPE thought leaders who are driving the development and adoption of the Intelligent Edge. And it enables partners to deliver insight to their end customers.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) devices offer businesses the ability to connect the unconnected, collecting and delivering significant volumes of real-time insight—the kind of insight that can help identify opportunity, drive efficiencies, and fuel intelligent business decisions.

A core challenge OEMs face is the scale of that data: You must not only store it, but also make sense of it. Aligning with an infrastructure partner who can integrate IoT devices and enable the storage and compute required to capture their value is the difference between business innovation and missed opportunities. When developed and integrated together with HPE expertise and word-class support, IoT becomes a versatile tool that can improve industrial operations, enhance enterprise workflows, and connect across dispersed facilities.

By 2020, it’s predicted that more than 28 billion IoT devices will be in operation. Is your business ready?



As the driving force behind recent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain is a secure, distributed consensus ledger that establishes enhanced levels of trust to ensure proper value exchange. As a result, blockchain can serve as a transactional record that’s updated, authenticated, and verified with each new addition.

Blockchain is already transforming personal finance, but its applications for other industries are still in the formative stages. With services like HPE Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology and HPE Pointnext, we empower innovation by building enterprise-grade blockchain ecosystems that make sense for your business model.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud

Today, the modern enterprise IT infrastructure doesn’t operate just on-premises or just in the cloud. Increasingly, it operates on-premises and across multiple public and private clouds used in conjunction. Backed by more cloud power, enterprising OEMs are primed to deploy more applications with speed and ease than ever before. But when IT lacks the visibility to effectively manage the hybrid cloud ecosystem, the results can cost you resources, revenue, and customers.

That’s where HPE OEM Solutions can help. By implementing hybrid IT environments that are simpler to manage, improve productivity, and enhance agility, HPE OEM services like HPE OneSphere and HPE GreenLake create consumption-based IT infrastructures that deliver consistent results across any cloud and any datacenter.

ProLiant Gen10

HPE Gen10 server

HPE Gen10 servers represent the world’s most secure industry standard servers made possible by HPE Scalable Persistent Memory and Intelligent System Tuning.1

Integrating Gen10 servers into your infrastructure lets you gather business insights faster across the entire world of hybrid and traditional IT. Capable of handling even the most diverse workloads and demanding applications, these servers provide agile networking and storage, multi-layered security features, and flexible payment options for on-demand scaling depending on future or unpredictable needs.

Everything as a Service

Everything as a Service

Everything as a Service (EaaS) is more than a service trend. It’s empowering businesses to focus on their core competencies and maximize valuable overhead resources. And due to its limitless scalability, EaaS levels the playing field by letting small and mid-size companies better compete with more established players, or help growing companies stay competitive.

Using the power of the cloud and hybrid IT ecosystems, HPE can develop, launch, manage, and support end-to-end solutions that cover complete product lifecycles, ordering and reporting, generational transitions, and beyond—all available at a moment’s notice.

By 2020, consumption-based IT models will have eclipsed traditional service models.

Our partners

Great innovation necessitates even stronger relationships. HPE OEM partners represent a diverse range of companies spanning a multitude of sectors.

Distribution partners

Delivering high-quality products to market on time requires a reliable supply chain and consistent support. Distribution partners provide the logistics, inventory, strategy, collaboration, and support to ensure businesses stay in motion and technologies reach their full potential.

OEM integrators

Systems integrators are the architects and guardians of the IT infrastructure. From design and configuration to resource automation, they optimize and deliver customized solutions based on a client’s unique needs.

A vibrant IT community

HPE connects with talented integrators and exciting technology every day. Join the conversation for the latest events, news, videos, and insights.

Driving innovation begins with a conversation.

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1. Based on external firm conducting cyber security penetration testing of a range of server products from a range of manufactures, May 2017.