Hewlett Packard Enterprise & Accenture Strategic Alliance

Together HPE and Accenture have created market leading "as-a-Service" solutions built to enable business to run unrestricted by technology and gain ground on the competition.

Market Drivers

In today’s global economy it is no longer good enough for IT to keep up with the demands of business. Keeping up is falling behind.


Gain ground against the competition by transforming to a hybrid infrastructure, protecting the digital enterprise, empowering the data–driven organization and enabling workplace productivity.

Business Outcomes

Preserve CapEx and shift infrastructure costs to OpEx in order to scale infrastructure to meet the demands of today’s business environment and close the gap between business demands and IT budgets.

HPE | Accenture "As-a-Service" Solutions Transform IT Infrastructure to Exceed Business Demands

The IoT Revolution is coming and it will transform the demands business places on the IT organization. Specifically, it will challenge IT to move core applications and processing capabilities from the Data Center (and even Public Cloud) to the EDGE of business. Manufacturing sites, retail stores, branches, and vehicles will become critical IT processing sites – collecting data, aggregating data, performing real–time analytics, and packaging data for further deep learning. The HPE | Accenture Alliance is focused on delivering key solutions that will be required for IT to flourish in the new world of IoT like next generation networks, Edge optimized compute solutions, IOT security tools, and critical remote management capabilities.


Today’s "Idea Economy" demands that businesses accelerate service velocity in order to remain competitive and relevant in a time where disruption can come at any time and impact any business. With so much in constant flux, a company’s cloud strategy should not be an anchor. Decisions like response time, availability, scalability, security, migration, and operations can easily distract any business.

HPE/Accenture’s Private Cloud for the Hybrid Cloud solutions are integrated, highly scalable, automated, self-service, and managed private clouds.

By leveraging the expertise of HPE and Accenture, these clouds are able to integrate seamlessly with public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to securely enable workload portability while maintaining full visibility and control of infrastructure, applications, and data.

These solutions also empower IT as the preferred broker for cloud services and drive better business outcomes by:

  • Increasing agility for data center and application transformation that ensures compliance with business policies and government regulations.
  • Accelerating service innovation with a hybrid cloud environment that ensures the right environment for the right platform.
  • Designing a customized solution that speeds time-to-value while optimizing efficiencies and reducing risk.
  • Reducing CapEx and maximizing OpEx with consumption-based pricing.

Find out more about how HPE/Accenture’s Private Cloud for the Hybrid Cloud solutions can increase agility, reduce complexity, optimize expenditures, and mitigate risk by accessing these resources.


Optimizing infrastructure to meet constantly changing workloads driven by evolving business models and striving to keep pace with today’s digital economy can be complex, costly, and leaves plenty of room for human error.

HPE/Accenture’s Comprehensive Service Management solutions integrates two modular offerings to help ensure availability of business services:

  • Service Assurance: Increases business service availability by combining application-focused service monitoring with real-time infrastructure analytics and event correlation to proactively identify and prevent issues.
  • Service Automation: Automates repeatable, day-to-day tasks across the environment, reducing errors and enabling IT to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.

These Comprehensive Service Management solutions were created to help the digital enterprise leverage the power of next generation IT operations and automation tools. This ensures the availability of traditional, mobile, and cloud applications accelerate IT at the speed of business by:

  • Enhancing service quality and ensuring greater predictability.
  • Accelerating service innovation and delivering business critical apps.
  • Accelerating time-to-value, optimizing efficiencies, and reducing risk.
  • Reducing CapEx and maximizing OpEx with consumption-based pricing.

To learn how HPE and Accenture’s Comprehensive Service Management solutions reduce downtime, optimize expenditures, and mitigate risk—all while providing intelligent automation and real-time operations analytics, access these resources.

S/4HANA has revolutionized the way business have been able to take advantage of the digital economy. However, the process of migrating from legacy SAP HANA in-memory databases can be a challenge.

HPE/Accenture’s SAP Application-Assured Platform provides industry-leading SAP innovation while leveraging the power of cloud, mobility, Big Data, and IoT to provide a fully automated, application-assured platform. The platform is available via a streamlined upgrade combined with expert services to ensure desired business outcomes.

These solutions enable business to differentiate and compete by:

  • Increasing service velocity with an application assured platform and providing custom-tailored SLA’s.
    • Maintenance of legacy SAP R/3 applications
    • Infrastructure refresh during migration
    • S/4 HANA lifecycle management
  • Driving operational efficiency with application-centric automation to provide business continuity.
  • Modernizing your stack by leaving expensive, proprietary platforms behind.
  • Optimizing efficiency, flexibility, and scalability while reducing risk by working with SAP experts.
  • Reducing CapEx and maximizing OpEx with consumption-based pricing.

HPE is the leading provider for SAP infrastructure manufacturer. Find out more about how HPE and Accenture can provide your business the technology, experience and service needed to empower your business.


The demands of BYOD, IoT, Social Media, Mobility, Cloud and Big Data have made it nearly impossible for legacy networks to deliver at the speed of business. This is forcing IT to find new ways to scale and deliver more value-added services—all while reducing costs.

HPE/Accenture’s Adaptive Networking solutions transform network operations by providing two complementary, consumption-based network as-a-service solutions:

  • Enterprise SDN: This service combines HPE’s software defined network, virtualization technologies, and processes with Accenture’s transformational services to enable increased service velocity and operational efficiency while lowering the total cost of ownership.
  • Managed Wi-Fi:This service combines HPE Aruba’s wireless products with Accenture’s management capabilities to optimize for high–performance and high–density environments across distributed operations.

These Adaptive Networking solutions transform legacy networks into virtualized and cloud-based IT operations by combining the demands of the digital enterprise with wired and wireless SDN technologies. This transformation happens by:

  • Increasing service velocity with an intelligent, centrally-controlled network.
  • Accelerating service innovation by increasing operational efficiencies.
  • Optimizing efficiency, flexibility, and scalability while reducing risk.
  • Reducing CapEx and maximizing OpEx with consumption-based pricing.

Find out more about how HPE/Accenture can increase network scalability, simplify management, optimize expenditures, and reduce risk by accessing these resources.


Customer expectations are a driving force behind the rapidly expanding digital economy. It is no longer good enough for companies to sustain a business advantage, but rather they must constantly be gaining ground on the competition. This need for continuous innovation has bred a culture of continuous integration and continuous testing as part of the application development process. HPE/Accenture High Velocity Application Services solutions help enable digital transformation by innovating core applications at the pace of business.

These cognitive industry-leading solutions can accelerate your DevOps process by:

  • Reducing development costs by utilizing Accenture Test Centers of Excellence’s around the world.
  • Building secure applications by eliminating vulnerabilities with Accenture’s Application Security Testing As-a-Service platform.
  • Being able to practice both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Providing the ability to test your entire application portfolio with Accenture experts and testing tools.

HPE | Accenture High Velocity Application solutions provide industry leading vulnerability testing and sentiment analysis capabilities to help accelerate application delivery and enable your digital transformation.

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