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Unless you've been incommunicado for the last few years, you’ve probably noticed the extensive press that digital transformation has recently received. This phenomenon—nothing short of a revolution—has moved from the IT departments and into the boardrooms of leaders across industries, sectors, and geographies, and is redefining industries across the world. But often, one critical element is not adequately addressed in digital transformation strategies—the employee.


Capgemini’s Digital Employee Experience, running on HPE technology, enables a seamless interaction with IT, people and physical spaces.


Digital Workspace

Provides a single portal through which your employees can access all their applications and data, using virtually any device, at any time, and from anywhere.

Digital Office

Enables your employees to interact seamlessly with their physical surroundings within the workplace through the integration and automation of common repeatable workflows.

Digital Workspace




Digital Workspace combines integrated, end-to-end solutions that address every aspect of the user experience—from the accessibility of apps and services on devices to the responsiveness of the agents manning the service desk. This personalized, user-centric solution integrates with your foundational technologies—lowering the TCO of your existing infrastructure—and supports, complements, and adds value to your existing IT transformation strategies.


Benefits for users

Digital Workspace makes it easier and more convenient for users to work the way they want, but within the framework of corporate policies and compliance requirements. Using their own personal devices or IT-supplied devices, they simply log in and gain secure access to published desktops, published applications, email, web browsing, data storage, file sharing, and more—any time, from anywhere. Security is strong because the entire environment is containerized, meaning it is insulated and protected in a way that does not inconvenience users.

Benefits for IT

Digital Workspace also makes life easier for IT because it simplifies the environment they must control and maintain. For example, it provides a single administration portal for users to request new applications; it automates and accelerates the process of onboarding new employees and granting their access rights; it supports Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM) on any mobile device; and it allows for much better use of desktop real estate, enabling IT to cut both desktop and support costs.

In addition, Digital Workspace is a pre-defined platform, which greatly expedites deployment and time to value. It is offered as a managed service, and Capgemini’s flexible subscription-based pricing model and modular architecture reduces CapEx at setup and eliminates unnecessary OpEx.

Digital Workspace runs on HPE industry-leading technology


HPE DL380g9


The various components of the Digital Workspace compute hardware platform are hosted on HPE industry-leading servers:

  • HPE DL380g9 for VDI Services: the flexible, data center standard for intensive, multi-workload compute.
  • HPE Moonshot for Shared Hosted Desktop services: massively-parallel, software-defined servers that are designed specifically for the applications that they run.
  • HPE DL360g9 for Management servers: dense performance with ideal memory and I/O expandability for multi-workload compute in the data center.

Digital Office




Digital Office capabilities include smart conference rooms with VC integration across infrastructure, devices, and networks; and devices that can recognize attendees, start Skype conference calls based on people presence, adjust lighting, report room utilization, facilitate easy access to multimedia equipment, share meeting recordings, and allow easy booking and cancellation of meeting rooms.


The components of Digital Office


Digital conferencing

  • Smart hardware and room integration
  • Conference workflow automation

Smart facility

  • Hot desk booking
  • Space utilization and analytics
  • Colleague finder, wayfinding, and asset tracking

Digital Office apps

  • Responsive design
  • Integrates and facilitates access to Digital conferencing and Smart facility

Benefits of implementing a Digital Office


Enhance brand and customer experience
Transform workspaces to help attract and retain talent and build loyalty to the company and co-workers
Reduce carbon footprint by adjusting the office lights or air conditioning
Reduce barriers between meeting with colleagues in different locations or offices
Reduce effort on setting up an audio-visual session and troubleshoot technical issues
Reduce effort required to find a space or share desk at the office—increasing productivity and utilization
On an average, mobility yields a 50% increase in utilization for a given location—one desk or seat for every 1.5 full-time equivalents (FTEs)5—helping avoid the capital costs of building additional real estate to accommodate business expansion
Reduce environmental impact through lower energy consumption and emissions due to a smaller physical footprint
Reduce costs by optimizing office space
Smart facility sensors and components gather data that provides the management an insight into the demand and building capacity

Digital Office runs on HPE industry leading Aruba technology






Aruba Access point

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