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Coffee Coaching is a digital community from HPE and Microsoft that equips resellers and IT pros to sell and consume HPE OEM Microsoft products. Coffee Coaching was created to help resellers guide their customers to the greatest value from Microsoft products by pairing them with HPE servers.

SMBs, resellers, distribution partners, and customers can all utilize Coffee Coaching’s blogs and videos to learn about HPE/Microsoft solutions, news, recommendations, resources, support, and advice!

The Value of OEM with Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise


With Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Microsoft working together to provide seamless solution integration, customers get simple, cost-effective IT with hardware and software built on collaboration—and easy licensing for businesses of all sizes. Learn the benefits of pairing HPE Servers with HPE OEM Windows Server licensing

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Improve Business Security with HPE Gen10 Servers + Windows Server 2016

Pairing Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Gen10 Servers, allows customers to benefit from not only software security features, but also from unique hardware security features, down to the silicon.

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Increase Agility, Productivity, & Efficiency with HPE Gen10 Servers + Windows Server 2016

Learn how customers can, benefit from a hybrid IT advantage, increase their server efficiency, and maximize their IT investment with HPE Gen10 Servers and Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

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Greater Economic Control with HPE Gen10 Servers + Windows Server 2016

Now, you can combine the expertise and capability of HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers and Microsoft Windows Server 2016 technologies to create the infrastructure that’s right for your unique needs, goals and customers.

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Join the Coffee Coaching community to see what hot HPE + Microsoft topics we’re talking about now and be a part of the conversation!

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